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Motion graphics videos are a great way to transform boring content and make it more captivating and interesting for your target audience.

As specialists in motion graphics and animation for advertising and social content, we produce anything animated - from paper-craft to motion design and we’ve partnered with different categories of companies helping them create incredible animated visual content.


Why use Motion Graphics for your Business?

Motion graphics are a type of animation that gives movement to graphic design elements but tend to have less of a concrete storytelling aspect than other types of animation.

Motion Graphics is an attractive way to reach viewers, connect with people, create awareness and engagement. It can grow your revenue by 49% faster because combining visuals with oral presentation can improve memory. Storytelling is an indisputably powerful method to communicate your message with your target audience.

Whatever your industry, Motion Graphics helps your target audience understand your brand better and assists you in communicating with them. It delivers your message in a lighter tone and keeps the videos entertaining to keep your target audience interest.

Motion graphics help you:

· Create awareness

· Explain a concept

· Introduce your organization, product, or service

· Drive audiences to action

· Generate engagement

· Draw attention


What makes our Motion Graphics Services unique?

“Motion Graphics service for Different Marketing Goals”

whatever the story your company wants to tell, we can tell it.

Our mission in Abstract is to turn boring content into a delightful and fascinating experience in such a remarkable way that your target audience can't resist watching. We blend the most relevant visuals with storytelling to create appealing videos that are emotionally and captivating to keep your spectator's attention and help you communicate with them.

Our motion graphics services include 2D and 3D videos that are cost and time-effective and provide you with benefits without placing pressure on your pockets.

Abstract Marketing Agency is the right choice if you are looking for a professional Motion Graphics production. We are producing Motion Graphic Videos for a long time and have earned many satisfied customers. We keep our focus while producing your videos to attract buyers and encourage them to invest in your product.



Our team

Our extremely talented team knows how to effectively attract your target audience's interest, communicate information about your product and entertainingly deliver complex ideas. They work day and night to help you add depth to your stories or messages through engaging videos.                                                                                                                                                                      

Our passionate motion designers work to help you stand out with a unique visual brand identity and get the attention your business deserves!


Our pipeline

“Teamwork is the key to success”

Bring your imaginative story to life with Abstract team of top talented professionals. The process begins with creative teamwork and brainstorming. Then our writers and designers start working on storyboarding and concepts. They produce a script draft and decide the color scheme and the storyboard of the project as the client required. After the scriptwriting comes the voiceover, the artist started recording the script and the motion graphics designer completes the animation by adding characters and moving objects.


For quality assurance, the creative director checks the final version of the video to make sure everything is on point.


Types of motion graphics we produce


2D Motion Graphics

At Abstract, we bring your brand to life by using many visual contents like a product or business explainer video or any other short video to communicate a message with your target audience. We choose which solution best fits your needs whether infographics, motion graphics, or interactive web experience.

Our 2D Motion graphics videos can be used for internal communication in a company, to communicate reports, to launch new products, or any other information engagingly and entertainingly. Generally, 2D motion videos are fun and they are often used for TV commercials as they are designed to capture the audience’s attention.


whether your goal is to create a funny animated advertisement or a professional animated explainer video we got your back.


Infographic Videos

We add life to your content.

The animated infographic is the art of visualizing information by using a combination of animated objects, graphical icons, text, and other elements. Most companies use these motion graphics videos to tell their story and connect with their audience by making complex information easier and engaging. The infographic videos can take different forms: GIFs, videos, or animated infographics.

Whiteboard Motion videos

Our high-quality whiteboard animation services are designed to deliver compelling video content that will boost conversions, drive sales, or increase awareness with storytelling, creative script writing, accompanied by captivating visuals and animation.


Explainer Videos

we help you develop a video marketing strategy, produce video content that will simplify complex concepts, explain your business with simplicity and deliver results engagingly and memorably.


Corporate Videos 

We create videos for every stage of your sales funnel and corporate communications that help people understand your business and effectively deliver the value proposition.

More businesses are leveraging the power of video to create persuasive content that drives traffic and promotes business growth.


Stop Motion Videos

We have professional animators who produce amazing stop motion videos for any media project. From memorable commercial campaigns to award-winning blockbuster movies, music videos, and more.


3D Motion Graphics

Our 3D artists are not simply drawing an object but imbuing a person with a soul. We help you bring your imaginary characters to real-life just as you want. With creativity, artistry, and thought we create powerful animation.


Abstract 3D services include:

· 3D Cartoon 

· Visual effects

· Channels identity

· TV Program identity


Cartoon Videos

Abstract gives you the power of storytelling

We customize business cartoon animation videos that emotionally connect and win the love of your target audience on a personal level and deliver clear and compelling messages.

Cartoons are videos that use cartoon characters for creative visuals that can be used for a wide range of purposes: advertising, brand building, storytelling, whatever your business goal is.



With everyone promising great results, finding the best video production company for your project is a challenge, but If you’re looking for creativity Abstract Marketing Agency is the right choice. 


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