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Abstract Marketing Company is a famous company in this field, although there are many marketing companies, but this company is a pioneer, and this is because it contains important features that every client needs while he wants to make a marketing campaign for his project, we all want the marketing campaign to Our project succeeds and is exposed to a large number of audience, but the distinction lies in reaching a target audience, and during this article we will explain the services provided by the Abstract Marketing Company, the advantages and disadvantages that you may have, in addition to the benefits of the company following e-marketing more than others, so Follow us.

Abstract Marketing Company

Abstract Marketing is considered one of the leading companies in the field of marketing of all kinds, especially e-marketing, and this is because it is considered one of the most important types of marketing at the present time, which is being responded to by all groups, and this is due to the use of the Internet by many people of different age groups, and the This company relies well on modern technologies and modern methods in the field of marketing.

This company provides distinguished services in the field of electronic marketing on all social media sites, whether inside Egypt, in the Arab world or the whole world, with the aim of exposing a large number of people to those marketing ads that the company displays, as well as containing a specialized team in the field of implementation Various advertising campaigns that are able to attract the attention of a huge number of people, and interact with those campaigns in a large way, and this is due to the great knowledge by these specialists of what the target audience prefers, their interests, and how to communicate with them correctly.

Services provided by the company

There are a number of important services that Abstract Marketing Company provides to clients, which are as follows:

 Teaser campaigns through various communication sites.

 Providing a number of marketing packages.

 Providing different types of advertising campaigns in proportion to what the customer needs and in proportion to the nature of the product to be marketed.

 Providing advertisements on both social networking sites, as well as applications, whether applications for social networking or mobile applications.

 Display marketing campaigns on commercial and marketing channels.

Benefits of email marketing

Abstract Marketing Company has resorted to e-marketing and this is because the Internet, with its various sites, is an important and attractive home for customers, and this is because everyone prefers those sites that the company targets, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or a young Snap Or other sites that have a high turnout of scholars, as those who follow these sites will be actually exposed to the advertising campaigns that the company displays and thus be affected by that campaign, which ultimately leads to the success of that campaign. Other benefits lie in the following:

 The costs of the services requested by the company are closely aligned with the client's budget, whether marketing is for major projects or other small projects.

 Diversity and different fields of marketing.

 The ability to target a larger number of people.

 The ability to reach the target audience faster than any other type of marketing.

 The ability to target different customers as well as new markets.

 E-marketing by the hour. To achieve a high return on investment operations and this is the result of interaction.

 E-marketing operations are not assigned to a time, as it is available throughout the day, with the ability to know what is the best time during which a greater interaction rate can be obtained.

 Providing interaction reports through which customer behavior can be known.

 Improving the general level of service through communication channels.

 Positive evaluations that are applied to the products help to increase the confidence of others in the product and thus the success of the marketing campaign.

 The ability to build a lasting relationship with customers due to the availability of the trust factor.

 The possibility of developing content as well as marketing brochures on an ongoing basis.

 Preparing all types of funded campaigns.

 Develop various textual contents in line with the SEO rules.


Advantages of Abstract Marketing Company

There are a large number of features that make this company one of the leading companies in the field of marketing in the Middle East, and these advantages are:

It includes a distinguished work team working in the field of implementing various advertising campaigns, and the ability to deal with various sites very effectively and proficiently.

The main objective of the company is the high quality of advertising campaigns and the difference.

 Pay more attention to e-marketing than other types of marketing, and this is due to the great benefits that we mentioned above.

Providing different offers on marketing campaigns in proportion to the nature and size of the project.

 Implementation of all client needs with transparency and credibility.

 The ability to communicate with the work team throughout the week at any time.

One of the most important goals of the company is to build a good relationship with all customers.

Disadvantages of Abstract Marketing Company

The company has not been subjected to any major complaint so far, whether in terms of harming the customer or taking out the advertising campaign in a way that is different from the customer’s desire, and this is due to the company’s availability of its own numbers, as well as its own sites on all social networking sites, in order to facilitate communication with customer service To inquire about anything or submit any complaint, and the solution to the problem or complaint is expedited, and therefore there are no mentioned defects contained in that company, which is the basis for its distinction.

Abstract Marketing Company Prices

The company offers great prices, and the price of the marketing campaign is determined according to the sites that will be targeted, and according to the size of the project, and the size of the desired campaign. If you want to make a marketing campaign for a project, whether large or small, please

Abstract Digital Marketing


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