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How to do Social Media marketing to your business?

Social media advertising is becoming essential for your business because it gives you the opportunity to promote your brand and reach your target audience easily and accurately


You should be precise when choosing the right social media platform to promote your brand.

For example: If your target audience is teenagers then Instagram and Snapchat would be a perfect option and Facebook is a great platform for organic content as it has high engagement rates.


When setting a marketing strategy for your business, make sure to include digital marketing and online marketing to your plan.


Tips on how to implement a successful social media marketing strategy:

1- Check if there is a demand for your product:

Before entering the market you should make a complete study of the market and see if there is a need for your product or not otherwise it will be a waste of time and money


2- Make market Research and competitor analysis.

Make complete research of the market and know your competitors very well and check their social media pages to determine in what place you stand and to take drive customers to try your product rather than the competitor's product.


3- Know your target audience.

You should know very well who your target is by determining their demographics, interests, and behaviors in order to know how to approach them and deliver the right message with the right tone.


4- Decide which social media platform to use.

Based on the studies you made before, the market research, and the target audience, know you can decide which platform would be suitable for your business and for your audience.


5- Use content marketing.

Create Engaging Content: videos, good quality pics as well know that most of the social media marketing is mainly based on selling good content to your target 

Good content should pass through the following stages: 

Awareness _ Interest _ Desire _ Action


6- Create E-commerce for your business.

To generate more traffic, leads, and visits to your website and so increasing your sales and conversion rates.


7- Create ads on social media

The most common types of social media ads are Facebook ads and Instagram ads

They are highly recommended if you want to achieve the following objectives for your campaign:

1- Awareness: To reach more target audience and to introduce them to your product or service.

Types of Awareness ads: Brand Awareness - Reach.

2- Consideration: To create the desire for your target audience to buy your product or service

Types of consideration ads: Engagement - Traffic - App Installs - Video Views - Lead Generation - Messages.

3- Conversion: To drive your target audience to take an action and buy your product or service.

Types of Conversion ads: Conversion - Catalogue Sales - Store Visit


The types of ads formats used are:

- Single image ad: used mainly for engagement 

- Carousel ad: you can include multiple images in your ad

- Video ad: recommended short videos from 3 seconds to 15 seconds

- Slide show ad: lets you create a video from your own stock images

- Story ad: mostly used on Instagram


8- Measure the Results of these ads.

Before running a campaign you should identify its goals and know how to measure the results accurately and make a report and accurate analysis to achieve the highest ROI for your business.


Abstract Digital Marketing


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