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Email marketing companies in Giza

E-marketing companies in Giza

E-marketing bears many names that are called in relation to the different means used in it. It is called network marketing in relation to communication networks and the Internet, as well as digital marketing, for the world of numbers used in programming these networks and transferring information quickly and widely. Abstract offers the best types of electronic marketing, from Through the modern methods and means spread on the Internet, the development of marketing plans and the use of various marketing strategies that lead to targeting specific markets with high advertising success rates than other advertising means.

Abstract digital marketing companies in Giza:

 Abstract is one of the best companies that provide e-marketing services.

 Abstract ensures the provision of the best services, as it includes a number of e-marketing specialists, with outstanding efficiency and experience.

 It studies all aspects of the advertised activity, and is also keen to study the problems before the features of the product, so that it can target the audience that gets the most benefit from the product, and at the same time achieve the success of its advertising campaign.

 Abstract can target a large number of audience at a cost that is not compared to other companies that specialize in the same field.

 E-marketing companies are keen on the interest of the customer and the audience at the same time, so they offer the best of their experience with a commitment to the goals during the time specified for the advertising campaign.

Services provided by e-marketing companies:

 Abstract provides many services offered by many other companies, but with distinction, skill and study, to achieve the greatest success rate and reach the public through:

 The use of different social networks in e-marketing, as it has become the most widespread means among different age groups and different levels.

 Raising SEO rates on various search engines, and raising access and visibility through them.

 Use of prepaid campaigns on social media and search engines.

 Using the means of advertising on e-mails and creating campaigns that target them.

 Targeting advertising on WhatsApp and other more widely spread text applications during this period.

 Using modern means of advertising, such as motion graphics, in designing promotional videos.

Steps defining target plans:

 That the project be studied by an abstract, in detail, and identify the advantages and disadvantages.

 Clarify the advantages in the product or project and emphasize improvement and remediation of defects in the future.

 Studying target markets and categories, and studying how to reach them in the easiest way.

 Targeting many channels and not focusing on one direction only.

 Make an accurate analysis of the expected results, and understand the sales system, through the study of marketing activities.

Advantages of digital marketing companies in Giza:

 Facilitating obtaining a lot of information on various commodities and products, providing quotations and determining the extent to which they are used.

 Ease of obtaining services from many sources, whether companies, institutions or independent individuals.

 Ease of communication online without the need to go out and mix and bear fatigue and hardship, through communication on the Internet, all stages of buying and selling take place and even payment, even delivery to the door of the house.

 The cost of the service on the Internet is much greater than the normal direct shopping, and saves time and cost, with the study of alternatives and competition in prices from the same place, and the provision of all the data that facilitates this.

Some disadvantages that you may face with online shopping:

Despite its many advantages, there are some disadvantages that Abstract works to overcome, including:

 Some customers have a fear of dealing with websites, and a lack of confidence in the lack of honesty in dealing.

 Some people are ignorant of e-marketing methods, and therefore there are error rates, whether in selection or payment.

 Some companies are fake, and take advantage of major brands.

 Some companies hack emails and steal customer data, so Abstract is keen to maintain confidentiality of information and honesty in dealing.

Email marketing success factors:

Determining the target group, whether age, scientific or social, and this stage guarantees the complete success of the campaign, as it aims to achieve a greater success rate.

 Distinguished presentation style determines the success of the advertisement, as the first impression always lasts on the reader or viewer, and when the advertisement succeeds in reaching the senses and emotions of the audience, it achieves the desired goal.

 Just as the success of the advertisement aims to reach a specific audience, it must be in their language. It is preferable that the advertisement be in Arabic, and explain the features in an easy way.

 Paying attention to the spread rates on search engines, they seek to target the right audience, and with good advertising quality, the person follows the advertisement to the end, because in the case of direct exit from the advertisement, it causes the rebound rate that causes a decrease in appearance rates on social networking sites and search engines.

One of the factors for the success of e-marketing companies is the use of modern technological advances, and the use of paid means that communication sites and Google have become based on providing, and commensurate with many different budgets, achieving great success rates, and varying according to products and advertisers.


Through the foregoing, we have discussed many of the advantages of Abstract, the advantages of e-marketing in general, and that the interesting and interesting marketing method of the target audience is one of the most important factors that encourage the use of e-marketing through Abstract, and the team working on marketing expertise facilitates the marketing process .

Abstract Digital Marketing


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